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china's food safety net: meihua xanthan gum ignited the hot scene of shanghai fic market

2015 of shanghai fic, meihua xanthan gum site orders volume was very hot, xanthan gum in fic was with "i quality excellent price low" of declaration, attract has from asia, and european, and america, and african of many customer, although now has past a week, but aftershocks does not weakened, venue intention customer sold and follow-up advisory who stream, not only open has meihua xanthan gum of visibility, volume more is greatly upgrade.

xanthan gum, also known as yellow gum, xanthan, how tang is an organism, as an emulsifier, stabilizer, gel thickeners, sizing, such as film forming agent, widely used in various fields of national economy.

fic, the 19th china international food additives and ingredients exhibition, april 1-3rd national convention and exhibition center in shanghai, is a global leader of highly professional-level event, held at the national exhibition centre in shanghai for the first time this year, various manufacturers are very much, took out their own unique jewels, to come here to compete.

it wants to figure in this fic, topped, naturally not easy. you know, everything successful, strategy first. at the exhibition stage, meihua attaches great importance to the fic, to a comprehensive analysis of the series of consigned product, combined with the internet explosion thought, require curatorial work to precise positioning, exhibits focus, proposed slogans louder, full flowering as a whole thought. xanthan gum as a mature technology of meihua to promote new products, take advantage of shouldering lead, star in a wide variety of products.

for the "star" soars, become the focus of attention, the meihua blossom " meihua girl model huge advertising apron pretty girl receiving" the three connected, from the outside, to the venue, to the stand, echelon, and played a very good publicity.

meihua blossom in the giant exhibition hall set up at more than advertising. because the slogan louder, combined with very competitive pricing, attracted a lot of customers come to discuss cooperation. booth crowded and packed. customers see strong lineup of xanthan gum in the meihua booth, from oil to food-grade level, from european-standard american standard to national standard and high viscosity, you name it. many customer made orders on the spot and hoped further cooperation with meihua.

this fic shows, meihua group in addition to xanthan gum, old food flavor enhancer, pharmaceutical intermediates, feed additives and other products also gain full. strong lineup of new and old products, allow customers to meihua cooperation is very promising for the future with confidence, which is bound to open clubs a new chapter of cooperation with industry-wide and deep.

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