our company was continuously recognized as national key leading enterprise for agricultural industrialization,-爱游戏app官网入口

our company was continuously recognized as national key leading enterprise for agricultural industrialization,


on november 22, the state department of agriculture, the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance, the ministry of commerce, the people's bank of china, the state administration of taxation, china securities regulatory commission, the national supply and marketing cooperative eight departments authorized, the pl meihua biotech technology group co., ltd been identified as agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise.

our company since has been recognized, in all previous monitoring and evaluation to the standards and requirements prescribed by the state. according to the regulations of the central, the national joint meeting of the national agricultural industrialization of eight departments, every two years for a monitoring and evaluation leading enterprises. this is the sixth time for monitoring and evaluation, there are 56 leading enterprise for cancellation enterprise qualification certificate cannot meet the requirements, our company make persistent efforts, even won the prize.

company after the access to agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise, according to the related policy, in the land, such as the bank credit policy financial institutions, agricultural industrialization development, and national agricultural comprehensive development to support and related tax enjoy priority support and policy inclination on aspects and so on.

companies strive to do "high starting point, large scale and motivating" leading enterprises. according to the requirements of modern enterprise management, further optimize the corporate governance structure, improve the management level, improve the quality and efficiency. high and new technology and scale production as the driving force, the formation of multiple pillar industry, to become the world's leading, raise the level of regional agricultural industrialization development.

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