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our subsidiary corporation shanxi guangsheng medicincal capsule co., ltd by nsf certification and iso system certification


guangsheng medicincal capsule co., ltd starting in 2011, a series of system certification, including uk retail association released the brc certification of global food safety standard, the american health foundation released by nsf dietary supplement standard certification and iso9001, iso14001, ohsas18001 three system certification, this a few certification is widely used in the international scope, has a strong authority, guiding and generality, manifested the enterprise sustainable competitive development thoughts and desires.

iso three system certification respectively based on quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety management of the three key factors of production, process using pdca cycle management model, to standardized, systematic management, enterprise is to supplement and complete our enterprise management system in the past. nsf authentication mainly focus on site management, it based on a cgmp in the united states. as a result of our products as part of the pharmaceutical excipients, is beyond the scope of domestic gmp certification, nsf certification can we well to complement this defect, make our site management more standardized. system implementation, quality management has made obvious progress.

certificate expires in 2015, with the support from the leadership of the company, through the joint efforts of all staff, the company was conducted in the march 20 to 22 and passed the iso system certification again, april 1 to 3 and by the nsf certification again.

2015 national certification commission puts forward stricter requirement on certification audit and certification than ever before, the two have different degrees of change, three system certification iso is configured with an understanding of relevant industry there are quite a auditor, nsf certification from an auditor into two auditors in the past. the operation of the system for us to review the teacher overall a positive opinion, but in the process of review and found some shortage of place. three system certification iso puts forward three suggestions to us, the first is the contract review system must be put in place, customer is the key to the quality of the product requirement, that we do not reach the designated position; the second is to control water, electricity, but was not included in the environmental factors in the evaluation; the third is in the canteen and dormitory management aspects, there are some potential safety problems have not been identify if not work for food retention samples, dormitory electricity problem. nsf certification puts forward nine proposals, divided into three categories, the first kind of equipment maintenance plan is missing, the new equipment failed to listed in the plan; the second problem of records, review review in a timely manner; the third class for foreign standard collection, sorting, analyzing problems, mainly reflected in the imported raw materials and export and foreign contrast does not reach the designated position. these questions reflect our on the detail management still has some problem, we need to work harder in these areas.

certification of this phase, although the phased victory, but we more clearly recognize these results is only preliminary, shallow level, the standard to carry out work still have to continue to strengthen, our next phase of work task will be more difficult and onerous. management in the future, we must earnestly study standards, continuous improvement management system and management means, make the enterprise more accord with the requirement of international quality management system, to provide products and services to maximize meet the needs of the customer diversification, the company in an impregnable position in the complicated and changeable market competition.

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